PC Freezes with sound loops and fps drops

So I got a new graphics card about 2 months ago. Replacing my old AMD one was a really smart move because now I can actually play games at ultra with perfect FPS. But about 3 weeks ago I noticed that I was getting these little short freezes with sound loops and fps drops (at first). It started with Splinter Cell : Blacklist, and it would freeze and sound loop with horrible FPS, I usually ignored it because it happened occasionally and as time went on it would do this for about 2 days, then it would be perfect for another 2 days. The problems changes with every game usually, Assassin's Creed 4 just has really bad freezes every 15 seconds, then it's back to normal, really making the game unplayable, and Call of Duty : Ghosts just freezes at the start up screen. So I'm really upset because this is really my first PC gaming experience and it would suck having to waste money to buy an additional piece of hardware. I'm really open to your guys solutions and would really appreciate your questions, thanks.

Acer Aspire M3970G Motherboard
Evga Geforce GTX 760 Overclocked
8192 MB DDR3 SDRAM 666MHz (8GB of Ram)
Intel Core i5-2320 CPU
LSP 750w ATX Power Supply
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  1. Had issues like this as well..
    Check your CPU temps, or perhaps your RAM usage.
    What drivers are you using?
    Is your motherboard bios updated to the latest version?
  2. Scylin said:
    Had issues like this as well..
    Check your CPU temps, or perhaps your RAM usage.
    What drivers are you using?
    Is your motherboard bios updated to the latest version?

    I feel as you would know more about this then I do lol, so I snapped a picture of it. I will say though, that my computer was getting fairly hot when I was playing games for a long time and after removing the side pannel, it does not get as hot.

    I am currently using the Geforce R331 Game Ready Driver, but usually I download the newest drivers from NVIDIA as soon as I can.

    And as the BIOS goes I am not sure about that, I don't really know where to get updates for that so some help there would be appreciated. Also I could use some helping with RAM usage, sorry about not knowing most of this lol.
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    Go to your motherboards website and look for the latest bios update download it and extract the setup/install file on a usb. Then reboot your pc with your usb plugged in and enter your bios (normally by pressing 'Delete' key on your keyboard when your pc first boots). After you have found your Bios find Q-flash/bios update in your bios it will be there somewhere so look around (all motherboards have different bios's so I can't tell you where it will be on in you bios). After you have found it select your usb and install the files and it will update and reboot.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Other things I would try....BIOS update, Chipset Driver update (both should be available from the MoBo vendor web site). And obvious one like graphics card driver. Also BF4 install does not put directx it's in the BF4 folder somewhere. Try lowering the graphics from Ultra to High or even Medium...the visial differences are not that drastic....and I have a config file (again see xfactor's channel on youtube for instruction on how do create basically disables all blur settings and you can also set the FPS to a figure the is optimal for your system.)
  5. Yeah thanks for all your solutions guys but I think I'm going to bring it in. Since the hardware I bought was running fine for 3 weeks until these little freezes, it has to be the hardware.
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