Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 (C: and D: Drives)

I have an SSD as my primary hard drive where Windows 7 is currently installed, however due to it only being 128GB I got a 2TB HDD and have set it up to install most of my programs there. When upgrading to Windows 8 will I lose all of the programs on D: even if I choose 'Keep Windows settings, personal files and programs' therefore I will have to re-install all of them.

Thanks in advanced, All help is appreciated
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  1. Unplug the hard drive and just install Windows 8 normally.
  2. Assuming that D: is where all your info is. And your installing the O.S on the SSD then you should have no problems.
    But to be safe then remove the disk and keep only the SSD in.
    If there is windows installed on the info disk then you could remove it after install.
    Hope that helps
  3. So if I unplug my 2TB HDD and upgrade Windows normally then after plug my HDD back in all my programs should work? Also would I have to do a custom installation or could I upgrade
    Thanks for your quick reply
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    Sadly no since windows wont have any of the old files anymore.
    Check out this thread

    Copy everything that you want to keep and transfer them to another drive, or make a partition of your 2tb and use that. Resizing it when you run out of space. And trim it down untill you only have windows. Then clone just the windows partition, making sure its less size then your ssd. Then resize the drive so its as big as the drive its self. Then transfer everything back into your origional 2tb partition and delete the tempary one. This should mean applications and everything SHOULD keep working.
    But you may run into issues. Sadly this is your best bet :/
  5. I will attempt this thanks for your help, if it goes wrong Ill just reinstall my apps
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