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i will be buying a new pc and had a problem, i am on a strict budget and was thinking of buying amd fx 8320 and gtx 660 2gb gpu,4 x 2gb ram, gigabyte 970 mobo. however, i wanted to know if i should buy the amd fx 6300(cheaper) processor and invest in a better graphics card.i will not be replacing this pc for a long time and so would also like to consider next gen games as games in the future might use more cores.
this pc will be for gaming purposes and not a work bench.
thanks a lot guys
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  1. Yeah, go for a 6300 and 670.
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    The 6300 will do just fine! I'd opt to go for that if you're on a budget. I have the 8320 myself but at the time it was only about a $10 difference, plus I do a bunch of editing.
    The 6300 will be awesome for gaming, nothing wrong with it! I was going to get that myself.
    It's 6 cores and A LOT of games don't fully utilize the 8 cores yet.
    If it's gaming purposes, I'd get the graphics card. If you're using that PC for a long time without replacing parts, get the best graphics card you can buy.
  3. I'd add, but dopey summed it up pretty well.
  4. -i would go for the grapics card for the same price you have the 6300 and a gtx760 or a R9 270X (with mantle support)
    -for the memmory go for 2x4gb instead of 4x2gb then you still have the option to plugin extra memmory
    -consider an seagate SSHD its cheap and its fast in games and loading times
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