Thoughts on my final build. (£750 budget gaming pc)

Anything needed changed or tweaked?
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  1. No link to build.
  2. Yeah oopsie is up there now.
  3. I would change the PSU to an antec, XFX, Corsair (NOT cx line), Seasonic. The CX units from Corsair and substantially lower quality then the others.

    Everything else looks great.
  4. Which seasonic or Antac would you recommend?
  5. Best answer
    XFX650, Any Seasonic 600w, Antec HCG 620.
  6. Thanks.
  7. Always glad to be able to help!
  8. 1 more thing with the antec hcg 620 should i get the 620 or 620M ?
  9. Either is perfectly fine. the M is just the modular version. Your call if that matters to you or not.
  10. Go for modular right less clutter?
  11. Vakoe said:
    Go for modular right less clutter?

    Sure if that is something that matters to you. I have a non-modular PSU and I don't have any clutter.
  12. Is there any other difference apart from less wiring?
  13. None at all. Just cables that can be disconnected form the PSU. That is it.
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