again asking gateway e-6610d

hi please can somebody clarify that gateway e6610d oemd975xlag1 motherboard with 400watts psu, can handle latest graphics cards or not?
i m currently having geforce 7600 gs in pci express x16 slot, and its working well,
i m confused because somebody told me that gateway motherboards are not good at newer graphics cards.

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  1. Well, not it will not support anything high end without bottlenecking the card so bad it would be a waste of money.

    I assume you have a core 2 duo. The BEST GPU I would recommend is an hd7750 and even then you might not be able to use it to its full potential in all modern games.

    Physically a newer GPU should 'fit' fine.

    Plus the PCI slot is only gen 1 so anything above a 7750 will suffer performance loss there as well.

    a 7750 is about as good as you can get without changing the PSU.
  2. hmm thanks for the suggestion, 7750 is good but what about 7770 will it work?
  3. adn23 said:
    hmm thanks for the suggestion, 7750 is good but what about 7770 will it work?

    You will need a new PSU. Your PSU has no 6-pin connector for the GPU and using the supplied molex to 6-pin adapter would draw more AMPS than the PSU makes.

    What CPU and RAM have you got?
  4. i do have intel core2duo e7200 2.53 ghz cpu, and 2gb ram.
  5. I would not go any higher than a 7750. Yo ueould have to replace the PSU and even with a 7750 the CPU and RAM will hold you back enough.
  6. so, what would be ur final suggestion to me if i want a better gaming experience on that system?
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    I would get an hd7750. Nothing more as you will have to replace the PSU.

    The 7750 will be a MAJOR improvement over your current card.
  8. thanks alot for the suggestion friend, i would select hd7750.
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