My disk drive isn't recognising any disks anymore.

Recently my disk drive has stopped working, I've tried CD's, Blank CD's, DVD's and video game disks, nothing is working. I hear a start up noise, but then the laptop just doesn't recognise there is a disk in there. I have gone to device manager and it tells me that it is all up to date and there are no issues, but there must be if it's not recognising anything I put in, and all these disks work on different machines? I am a student with little experience that would just like her disk drive to work again. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated! Thank you.
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  1. It sounds like the read head in the drive has failed. Go purchase another one, they are under $20 and fail after a couple years.
  2. Yes that sounds like a dead drive. Anyways before you trash it there are two option's to try : 1. Put a bootable media of OS(DVD) into the tray and restart the Lappy, if you got the message "Press any key...CD/DVD" then probably the drive isn't stone dead yet.

    2. You can try to clean the Lens of the drive with a soft cloth or with after market DVD drive cleaner kit, sometimes dirt is the cause of the problem. Good luck.
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