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HI I have built a new pc sporting a FX 6300 processor. I am not having performance issues so far but time after time my Norton AV is sending me alerts of intense CPU usage when gaming. I haven't run high end games so far and that's worring me a bit.

Here's a list of the games I 've been playing

Doom 3 BFG
Dust an elysian tail
NFS Hot Pursuit
Far Cry

Even If I do not have the best processor in the world I thought It would run such light games without a problem. I am worried I might damage my processor if it keeps being used like this.

Is my cpu not enough or this is due to bad coding?
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  1. First thing's first: Get rid of Norton. You are paying to have what is basically malware on your computer. Give us the rest of your specs and we'll go from there.
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    Do not worry about damaging your cpu.
    If they get too hot, they will downclock or shut down to prevent damage.

    I use ms security essentials. It is free, and unobtrusive.
  3. I have just included my specs with my signature. I was wondering if there's any way to distribute the load between the cores. Specially since most of the games I listed are quite new. It baffles me to realize that they do not offer multi core support. I would have gone with a Core I3 then...
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