Intel i7-4770K Very High Temperatures

Hello everyone, I would need some advice about this.
I just built a new PC with following:
CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K @ 3.5-3.9 GHz
Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI Hero
I use the stock Intel cooler for the CPU, and I know it's NOT optimal, but I want to know if the temperatures I'm getting are normal for what I'm using and if this could damage my CPU.
Idle temperatures are about 50°C, about 60°C under normal use (web surfing and stuff). Now, while gaming on Battlefield 4 it goes from 87°C up to 94°C peak! And on Prime 95 it goes up to 100°C. I tried reseating CPU cooler and changing thermal compound twice already, no change. I see that the voltage changes by .1V while on Prime 95, and I suppose that causes all the heat, but considering 3.9GHz and correctly installed stock Intel cooler, is all this normal? Is all that heat expectable with the stock cooler? Are theese temperatures going to hurt my CPU? Should I replace the cooler? Thank you all in advance!
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  1. There is something wrong. The stock cooler shouldn't make your CPU that hot if it is not overclocked. I think you need to check how it is seated because it can't be right.
  2. I would replace the cooler since those are high unless it is a read error by what ever program you are using. How does it compare to BIOS which I suspect should thermal throttle the CPU before those temps?
  3. check your voltage as well to the cpu. could have too high of a vcore auto set. mine tries to set mine to 1.54 by default but it runs perfect at 1.512 @ my clocks
  4. since not on overclocking state there is a good chance your cpu is not cooled properely due to crap stock thermal paste. you should remove the cpu cooler, clean good the surface and apply an aftermarket one like arctic silver or something! it will do wonders!
  5. ahnilated said:
    There is something wrong. The stock cooler shouldn't make your CPU that hot if it is not overclocked. I think you need to check how it is seated because it can't be right.

    I suspect this is exactly whats wrong. I just had the same issue with a couple GigaByte MBs and the stock coolers. It was difficult to get all four pegs to lock so the cooler was seated properly. The cooler appeared to be seated properly but it wasn't.
  6. Do not worry about damaging your cpu.
    It will downclock or shud down to prevent damage.

    Your temperatures are not dangerous, but they are higher than I would expect.

    Check that your stock cooler is installed properly.
    All 4 pushpins must be completely through the motherboard and locked.
    There should be no wiggle when mounted.
    If you applied too much paste, it can act as an insulator. A small drop should be sufficient.
  7. The CPU will self throttle so there isn't much risk of damage. Forcing the CPU input voltage to 1.6 and the Vcore to about 1.2 or less should keep things cooler, but may cause instability.

    Just an FYI the stock cooler for the i7-4770k is not adequate for number crunching in Prime 95. Gaming is out of the question with titles like BF4. A cheap $30 Hyper Evo 212 will solve this problem.
  8. The stock Intel cooler can be tricky to install.
    A poor installation will result in higher cpu temperatures.

    To mount the Intel stock cooler properly, place the motherboard on top of the foam or cardboard backing that was packed with the motherboard.
    The stock cooler will come with paste pre applied, it looks like three grey strips.
    The 4 push pins should come in the proper position for installation, that is with the pins rotated in the direction of the arrow,(counter clockwise) as far as they can go.
    If you want, play with the pushpin mechanism until you know how they work.
    Place the cooler so that all 4 pins are oriented over the holes in the motherboard.

    Push down on the entire cooler so that all 4 pins are through the motherboard.
    When you push down on the top black pins, it expands the white plastic pins to fix the cooler in place.

    The trick to getting it on is to push down on a DIAGONAL pair of pins at the same time. Then the other pair.
    If you do them one at a time, you will not get the cooler on straight.
    Lastly, look at the back of the motherboard to verify that all 4 pins are equally through the motherboard, and that the cooler is on firmly.
    This last step must be done, which is why the motherboard must be out of the case to do the job.
    It is possible to mount the cooler with the motherboard mounted in the case, but you can then never be certain that the push pins are inserted properly.

    If you should need to remove the cooler, turn the pins clockwise to unlock them.
    You will need to clean off the old paste and reapply new if you ever take the cooler off.
  9. First of all thank you all for your advice. So, I already did reinstall my cooler, but tried again for good measure. I should mention that I changed the stock thermal compound with Cooler Master's one that works just fine on my other PC. I did apply the right amount, already checked that. So I made sure to install the cooler properly following your instructions. All the 4 pins are through the holes, installed with cross-pattern. Locked them into place, the cooler is completely firm, no wiggle whatsoever, could probably lift the whole thing holding it. Started the system and checked, still no change. Idle temperature still 60°C, maxes out at 100°C in ten seconds with prime 95. This is weird. I'll mention that current CPU Core Voltage is 1.232 V, but goes up to 1.32 V with Prime 95.
  10. What program are you using to measure and what does BIOS report on startup?
  11. Ok, update time. So turns out that my software was doing weird stuff. I was using EVGA E-Leet Tune. It was detecting about 10° more that actual temperature according to ASUS's utility that came with the motherboard. idle temp is 50°C and ultra-load on Prime 95 is actually 88°C, then stops increasing. So, still very hot temperatures, but not as extremely bad as E-Leet said. Plus it looks like it was doing some weird stuff where it would always keep frequency at 3.9GHz even at idle. Uninstalled the software, now all's better. Yet 80+ °C..... is it going to shorten my CPUs lifespan? I don't want that. I'll let you know average gaming temperature in some hours.... :)
  12. Suspected as much since I believe thermal throttle is 90°C. What is your ambient room temp? Does your temp change with the side panel off (bad airflow in case)?
  13. hows your case ventilation? I would say get a new cooler, I wouldnt feel comfortable with those temps.

    also what is your fan speed? is it going up and down according to temp?

    I would check the bios for the fan settings and make sure everything isnt set to silent
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