Which one for me, between Seasonic, Corsair, and Superflower for reliability down the road?


i'm looking to build my 1st pc. i'm a bit confused which PSU i should get.
I want the PSU to have reliabilities to survive many years,, when i upgrade my system down the road (maybe in 2 years or so), i wanted the PSU to last that build, and hopefully another one after that as well.

Initially, i was deadset on getting Seasonic G-550. but there is no availability for the item here

i could stretch my budget a bit,, im thinking of going Corsair RM550 Gold ($147) because it's optimized for silence and im building a quiet pc, but from reviews.. im really really worried abt getting Corsair RM due to its capxon capacitors...

another alternative im thinking of getting is the Seasonic X560 ($172), but $145 is my maximum limit for PSU..., secondly im concern about coil whine on X series that i read on some online forums...

another alternative i could get is going Seasonic G series but go higher, there is stock for Seasonic G650 ($147) i heard. the cons of Seasonic G650 is that it's probably overkill for my PC build thats all.

All the PSU above is within my budget except for Seasonic X560... i'm willing to pay for X560 if its leaps and bounds more reliable than the rest because i want to use the PSU for at the very least 5 years down the road.

Which one of these in normal situations will be more reliable / last longer and fit my needs of quiet and reliability...?

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  1. Buy the Corsair HX-850 watt 80+ Gold PSU. Its a Haswell Certified unit with 7 year warranty.
    Go for it. Price : $149 (newegg)
  2. i dont live in north america so newegg cant send stuff to where i live.
    also, locally corsair HX 850W cost $240. the 650W version cost $180.
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    The RM series really is great (I have an RM650), and it's only ever come on when I'm playing Crysis 2 at Ultra; but even then it's still hella quiet! Also if something *does* happen to it we're really good at making sure that you get your components replaced and your rig is back up and running as quick as possible. With that being said I've actually heard a lot of good things about the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800W, I don't know if you ever looked at them for PSUs.

    Rm series psus are sweet, I would totally buy another.
  4. Some lots of the Corsair RM 750w and 850w have thermal issues.

    Seasonic #1 , Superflower # 2.
  5. I would also go with Seasonic. Their X Series are simply the best ones currently. A bit expensive, but well worth the money !
  6. SEASONIC shows dominance in great PSU's.

    Tier 1 Brands - The Most Powerful And Stable Components On The Market.

    Antec Signature
    Antec High Current Pro -1200w
    Antec HCP Platinum 1kW
    Cooler Master V series 700, 850, 1kW < SEASONIC
    Corsair AX < SEASONIC except 1200w
    Enermax Galaxy
    Enermax Revolution
    EVGA SuperNova G2 1000W and 1300W < FSP
    Kingwin Lazer Platinum
    PCP&C TurboCool
    PCP&C Silencer Greater than 610 watt
    Sapphire Pure
    Seasonic X-Series < SEASONIC
    Seasonic S12D/M12D , < SEASONIC
    Silverstone ZF (Etasis 85/75/56)
    Seventeam ST Greater than 600w (SSI, V2.91)
    Silverstone OP/DA Greater than 700 watt
    Silverstone ZM
    Ultra X3 Greater than 1000 watt
    XFX Black Edition < SEASONIC
    XFX XXX Edition < SEASONIC
    Zippy/Emacs SSL
    Zippy/Emacs GSM
    Zippy/Emacs PSL
    Zippy/Emacs HG2
    Zippy/Emacs HP2
  7. All of the super flower units I have seen reviews for have done superbly. The Super Flower Golden King reviewed quite well with jonnyguru, and since it comes in at the cheapest of your options i would consider it a good one. I've noticed a lot of Seasonic worshipping going on recently, but when super flower popped up and started making stellar units for kingwin at a reasonable price, it seemed to have slipped under the radar because it doesn't sell its own branded units in the US, only under the kingwin label, but Superflower has been making very highly reviewed units for the last few years and shouldn't be ignored if they are available in your region.
  8. okay guys tq for the comments... decided to go with superflower golden king... if they dont hv it, then i'll go seasonic G650 or corsair rm550...

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