Computer freezes randomly


I'm having problems with my PC, it randomly freezes and sometimes displays no signal resulting in a black screen when using it normally or left idle for a while.

It happens in windows 8.1, windows 7 and when trying to install windows 7 so i think it's not a software problem

Memtest86 has been running for 8 hours and no RAM errors were found
I performed a HDD test and it passed without errors
I tried to run Furmark and Prime95 and no issues were found (so it seems to be completely random, it's possible to play games perfectly until it hangs)
For the moment it hasn' t happened while running memtest or in the bios.

i5 4670k 3,4GHz
Gigabyte GTX 780 Ti Windforce
Msi z87-gd65 Gaming
8GB 1866 Kingston HyperX Beast
Corsair RM650
WD Green 500gb

Thank you in advance
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  1. change the hdmi cable. If that doesnt work, change the hdmi cable and try hooking it up to another monitor. If that doesnt work, try another gpu (don't buy one, ask a friend). Then you can eliminate several possibilities.
  2. I'm trying HDMI connection now, it was connected by DVI before, could it be a motherboard or CPU issue as well? I also updated to the latest bios.

    (sorry for my english)
  3. Apparently it has been lasting longer without freezes but is freezing again, it has frozen with a black screen and later it has just frozen with no black screen.

    I tried installing new motherboard bios and checking all the psu cable connections but it didn't work
  4. Update: I have just gotten a nvidia driver error after a freeze and a black screen "Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver version 332.21 stopped working and recovered" and the computer continued working
  5. uninstall and reinstall drivers
  6. I tried that before with several versions and perfroming clean installs. Today i got a freeze and then a bluescreen with the message: DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. After that i rebooted and i noticed that the mouse worked but the mouse led was off.
  7. Have you got antivirus on? If so, completely uninstall it.

    also it sounds like a gpu problem. My brother had an almost identical experience with his radeon in ubuntu. Turns out it was a bad card. Have you tried another gpu?
  8. New things: bought another hdd, plugged into other sata port, installed ubuntu, replaced the ram, removing the 780Ti and using the onboard one and still getting freezes. The image is a bit blurry for a second and then it fully freezes.

    I think the motherboard, CPU or PSU are causing the problems.

    So now i'm trying the ram in slots 2 and 4 and i will see if i can narrow the problem to at least 2 components.
  9. Tried another mouse and the problem remains. Reseated the motherboard in the case and the problem remains
    I don't have sound loop when the freeze happens

    How can i determine if it is a motherboard / cpu / psu issue?

    Please help me
  10. By the way my voltages are shown as follows, i dont know if they are measured correctly by hw monitor:

    AVCC: 3.296 v
    3VCC: 3.296 v
    CPU VCORE 1.096 v
    VCCIN: 1.792 v
    DRAM: 1.488 v
    +12V: 12.320 v
    +5V: 5.040 v
  11. Update: Replaced motherboard and STILL FREEZES so RAM, HDD, GPU, MOTHERBOARD are fine. The problem might be PSU or
    CPU related.

    Some people says that they get a sound loop when the freeze occurs but i have no sound, it completely locks up.
    Any clue?

    Thank you
  12. doesn't sound like cpu. Try borrowing a friends psu.
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