Sli'd gtx 780ti classy ek waterblock issue?

I have two evga gtx 780ti classys in my rig that were running on air fine ( hot as a heck but not fine. So I decided to buy 2 EK 780 classy waterblocks plus upgrade my psu to a evga supernova 1300. I just got the block and psu in yesterday. So I uninstalled the original gpu coolers then looked at the provided instructions from EK. Proceeded to install the waterblocks I followed every step even put tiny drops of mx -4 on each voltage regulatory that I put a strip of thermal tape on. Block fit on fine screwed it in . Then did the same on the other gpu. Then installed the gpus hooked up all the watercooling fittings and hoses filled with water primed and water tested new gpu loop for like 6 hrs then installed the new evga psu hooked all the power to the Gpus, cpu, etc. double checked everything was secure. Then plugged psu to the wall and turned the psu power switch on then the motherboard lit up pressed power button on then 2 of the 5 LEDs on on the Gpus pcb to left of the ek water fitting port lit up on both Gpus and pc doesn't boot, only blinks after I reset the psu. Is this psu problem or a are my new blocks shorting my Gpus. Looked at the evga manual and Internet and couldn't even find what those white LEDs on the pcb actually mean. Totally bummed.
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  1. Let's try to isolate the problem:

    - Try using just one (1) card at a time (you might have gotten one of the GPUs' shorted during assembly).

    - OR, switching back to your Old power supply (new PSU might be defective)
  2. One problem I'm water cooling you know how lame it is to unhook all your hoses then because my rad is 64mm thick and horizontal takes ages to get the bubbles out . And also they diagnostic lights up on both gpu at the same time, even without the sli bridge. I'll def try the power supply idea.
  3. Wish I could figure out what those 2 lights mean. Surprised it's not in the manual. I week for a week so I might not get to trouble shoot for a week. One question do these cards have short protection or am I going to have rma them?
  4. Also note I used a anti stactic bracelet and was careful not to touch anywhere besides pcb
  5. Also note I used a anti stactic bracelet and was careful not to touch anywhere besides pcb
  6. Just remove the SLI bridge, turn off SLI, and remove the PCI-E power connectors from the second card.... (that should do it...)
  7. How can I turn sli off if I can't boot ? Also everytime those lights blink am I damaging the cards more ?
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    You can dis-connect power & remove the SLI bridge..... then, hopefully, it will boot....
  9. Whew I came home from work did what you said didn't work then I decided to unplug the EZ PLUG molex power and it booted up fine :) I knew if I could delid a 4770k with liquid pro I could install a waterblock on a gpu. Heard asus EZ PLUG was good for sli . Hope I can find away to use it one bad thing about the evga supernova is there is only 5 molex connectors. Tried to use a corsair ax860 peripheral cable in the Sata spot on the supernova psu.
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