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I've posted this in the motherboard thread but I'm unsure if it's where it should've gone, go I'm asking those in the CPU thread.

I am looking to upgrade my CPU because I am having issues with high usage when doing something simple like logging into Minecraft. I have the Intel Core i5-2300 2.8 ghz processor and was wondering if anybody knew of a better one that would fit my motherboard (Alienware 046MHW Motherboard, yes Alienware because I was never sure what to put into a gaming PC) without having to get a new board, that would possibly help my CPU usage. I thought maybe if I upgraded my RAM (read somewhere that might help) to 14 G which hasn't really helped. I know some things about PC's but not when it comes to CPU's. I had issues with the cooling system for a bit and it's only then that I started to pay attention to the CPU usage as my system fan was running at a high RPM even though CPU core temp was around 40 C. I had taken the fan off and all that, put that back on the RPM on the fan has seemed to stay at a low 1200 rpm now; I'm not real impressed with the cooling system, but am more wondering if a CPU upgrade is needed and if any will fit my PC. I found out (through a program called Core Temp) that I have a LGA 1155 Socket H2. I know certain CPUs only fit certain sockets, but I don't know if anything better would fit into that socket or if I'm stuck with this CPU unless I get a new motherboard.
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    Go here to see what CPU's are supported for an LGA 1155 H2 Sandy Bridge Board. Also see if you your PC model is still listed on the Dell website or somewhere else because it would give you clues as to what CPU combos were available for that model. Knowing the highest CPU that was available for that model would tell you what chips the board BIOS wills support. You would likely also have to upgrade the BIOS to support the new chip.
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