How to delete Windows 7 on a multi-boot system?

When I put together my rig, I installed windows onto my HDD. Later on, I bought and installed a Samsung 840 Pro SSD and installed windows on there. Is there a way that I can delete Windows off of my Hard Drive without completely wiping it? I just want to have my storage set up so that I can store my downloaded content on the Hard Drive, and then just use the SSD as the boot drive.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Go into Disk Management & see if can reformat the partition where the unwanted Windows is installed on the hard drive.

    If Windows won't let you do it (very likely), you can use a bootable partition manager on a CD, such as MiniTool Partition Wizard

    You will need to make a bootable CD from the downloaded ISO file, which you can do with IMGBurn:

    Just make doubly sure that you format the correct partition if you do it outside Windows!
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