No signal from NEW GPU (gigabyte hd7770), integrated works, no beeps from mobo???

I bought a new GPU gigabyte hd 7770 and a FSP 500-60APN (500w) power supply and after installing them I get no signal to monitor? Integrated graphics works fine and BIOS doesnt have the option to set primary graphics source/neither disable the integrated one? I had some crappy OEM GPU before and it worked well.

OTher parts: (mainly Acer Aspire M1470 desktop)
Acer DAA-75L Parker MOBO
AMD A6-3620 cpu
Nanya 4gb ram 1333

All the power pins are connected and GPU fan is working. Integrated graphics are working fine when the GPU is NOT installed, but when installed no signal (neither card or integrated) and no beep from the Mobo?

Breadboarded it and no problems until GPU? (no beep)

What might be the problem? Any ideas?
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  1. did you move the wire over from the integrated gpu to the new one
  2. if the pci-e cable is connected to the graphics card, then i guess your only option is RMA :/
  3. My power supply says it has 12v rails 2x18A.. Maybe thats the bottleneck? HD 7770 seems to need 19A minimum 12v rail... So lets change the PSU?

    Correct me if I'm wrong`?
  4. changing the psu is a good idea overall but i seriously doubt that it'll make a difference, unless your current one is like 200w :D
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