Problems getting Windows 7 to boot/repair/reinstall on new build


After updating the BIOS, Windows will not boot. It will also not repair or reinstall from the repair disk. I cannot even boot Windows from the disk. I've checked my boot priority. That's not it. I've also rolled back my BIOS. No difference. I'm really at a loss here.
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  1. Try going in to BIOS Setup again and look for "Load Failsafe Defaults" or "Load BIOS Defaults" and activate that.
    Then "Save & Exit BIOS Setup" (F10).

    Incidentally, you should only update the BIOS if the update fixes a specific problem you're experiencing, or if it adds a new feature you really need. Don't do it just because an update is available. Updates are not compulsory!
    Same rule applies to device drivers.
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