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I recently upgraded my router to an ASUS RT-N56U from a Linksys WRT54GL, and upgraded my internet from 25mbps to 50mbps. When I look at the status of my LAN speed, it's only reading 100mbps. I was able to get the LAN to 1Gbps before, so I know my network card is capable of this, but I can't get it back up to 1Gbps anymore. I tried using the old ethernet wire (which I used to reach that speed) and tried plugging directly into the cable modem. I also tried setting the NIC to 1Gbps full duplex. Any ideas?
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  1. sounds like an auto nagotation issue on the router side. Have you done a power cycle on the route or a factory reset?
  2. Set your adapter like you have to 1Gbps full duplex.
    Turn the system off.

    Reset the router or power it down.
    Let the router initialize .

    Turn your pc on let windows load.
    Look at the back of the router if its amber or orange where you have your Ethernet cable plugged in its working at 1Gbps.
  3. Just tried a power cycle and a reset but it's not working.
  4. Go to your computer LAN can property, click on configure, go to advanced, select "Speed and Duplex" set to 1000
  5. I already have it set to 1Gbps.
  6. I tried resetting the modem as well.
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    Trying updating the routers firmware. Make sure Qos setting is off. Try a New CAT5e cable.
  8. Tried, still nothing :(
  9. Since you just updated the firmware, try resetting the router again. Try using a different LAN port on your router, update the LAN driver on your PC and set it back to auto instead of 1000.
  10. OK, I got it. I reset everything again and tried a different wire that I thought I had used before. Thanks for the help everyone!
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