Many problems on my new build computer

Hey guys
I just built my own new gaming pc because my xbox is broken. After one week of using my new pc the display on my monitor says no display but my pc is still on. I checked inside of the case that the gpu fan(Msi R7 260X OC) spins for a second then it stops, and also the power supply which is a Corsair cx450m fan spins when i turned on my pc then 20 secs later it stops. The case fans, heatsink fan and led are on. And also my mouse and keyboard is not working( razer deathadder and deathstalker) it doesn't light up with the green LED'S. all connections are connected properly. Then a week later i bought a new power supply( Corsair TX650) and still doing the same thing and I suspect that the motherboard has a defective ( asus m5a78l no usb 3) and im getting the gigabyte ga 78lmt usb 3. I also tried switching the ram and still doesnt work.

First specs of the pc
Fx 4130
Msi r7 260x oc
Asus M5A78LMT (without usb 3)( suspecting this one has the defective)
8 gigs of corsair vengeance ram
Corsair CX450M

And i will also buy a new Cpu heatsink (CM Hyper 212 Evo)
Sorry for the long paragraph. LOL
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    I would suspect a MOBO problem, you have pretty much eliminated all other options.
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