Burnt out smell from PSU

I am running 4 R9 290 cards on a 1500W PSU 24/7 (mining altcoins)

Last 2 days the system freezes itself, but comes back up after a restart.

Today the burnt out smell got more than yesterday, obviously system was running fine before I stopped it due to caution.

Is it normal to get this smell (no smoke, not a very strong smell, but can tell some plastic/wire burnt out)

As I already said, the system was working fine with once a day freezing up, which might or might not due to PSU.

Any advice from experts please.

PSU: Silverstone Strider Series 1500 Watt (SST-ST1500)

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  1. no that doesnt look (smell) right man.is the psu ventilated properly.are listening any sounds too?
  2. ok. found the culprit. A semi burnt out PCI-E power connector where it goes in the PSU socket.
    Don't know if the power cable faulty or PSU faulty.
  3. ok change it. if problem persists try triple crossfire if with less load(gpu) works fine under stress test lets say fuurmark, then might be the psu!
  4. I have a spare PSU, changed the PCI-E power cable and PSU both.
    System up and running now.
    However monitoring the PSU temp (hand behind the exhaust vents) seems to be very hot. Don't have a laser temp gun, so cannot tell, but seems very hot to hand. 1500W PSU should take the load of 4 r9 290 cards (230W each), can any one comment on the built quality of this brand of PSU please.

    PSU: Silverstone Strider Series 1500 Watt (SST-ST1500)

  5. the specs look ok. to be sure if it is what ti says check it here

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