Weather gadget corrupted? (Transparent on desktop)

(I had already posted this question but somehow cannot find it in my thread history.)

I am on a fresh install of my Windows 7 system. One of the reasons for the reformat/reinstall was my weather gadget somehow being corrupted. After the install, it happened again.

From what I recall, after the PC left hibernation, both my sidebar gadgets were missing and I was prompted to restart the system pending WIndows updates. I restarted and the gadgets didn't come back. Also, the Gadgets window would not come up when selected from desktop right-click.

When I finally located a method of bringing the Gadgets window back, the Calendar came up normally, but when I brought the Weather gadget back, it appeared transparent. Just like it did before my reformat/reinstall.

A) Dragging the gadget to the desktop
B) The gadget appears transparent, with only the data clickable

I really enjoy using this gadget and, especially on a fresh install, you can imaging I'm frustrated by this erratic behavior. And of course, based on a Google search, no other user on the planet is experiencing anything similar to the issue I am having.

How do I go about repairing this gadget? Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Microsoft no longer will support Gadgets because of vulnerabilities in allowing intrusion to the OS from the outside. They have decided not to work on a fix and have abandoned support. I had the same thing happen to me with the weather Gadget.
  2. I understand your sentiment. However, I still expect functionality of this Gadget and hope to find a resolution.
  3. Right-click on the gadget and adjust the opacity.
    Why was it necessary to double post?
  4. Best answer

    It's not my sentiment or opinion it's a fact , your only option is to remove the Gadgets from the OS. You would have to find a third party Gadget program that would not have the same vulnerabilities as the Microsoft one.
  5. Through more research, I made a significant discovery. Another user noted that a November Win7 update caused the change in the Weather gadget (transparency and magenta data print) and this is why it looks this way.

    I'm glad I finally figured this out. I removed this gadget and currently considering a third-party Weather gadget.

    Thanks for your input in the security information! :)
  6. This happened to me, and it ostensibly had nothing to do with anything suggested in other forums such as this.

    The solution for me (Windows 7) was:

    Go into Control Panel and Display properties.
    On the left side, click where it says "Set custom text size (DPI)".

    The "Custom DPI Setting" dialog box will appear, and display what looks like a ruler. You can disregard this (keep it scaled however you like it) but make sure where it says "Use Windows XP style DPI scaling" at the bottom is NOT checked.
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