Windows 7 Missing files after failed install

Hello, I'm new here... I usually read lots of forums to learn and also solve my problems, and this is one of my favorites, but today I decided to join, because I'm in trouble with my laptop but I will stick around even if I can't solve my issue.

To make my story short, I have a laptop with windows 7 i believe "ultimate" 64 b.

Windows failed to boot up, it froze before the login page, since I was planning on installing to format and install a fresh copy of Win 7 home, I thought it was a good idea of just "reinstall" Windows 7 home, copy my files, then format and do a fresh install.

This is the part where everything failed, the installation did not go thru, moved the old system files to "Windows.old", and made a new "Windows folder".

Ok... great... I can't continue the installation because I only had about 6 gb left on the hard drive, so right now I just want to copy my folder (c:\users\USERNAME\*) and then proceed with the installation, but that folder is GONE! I tried using Spotmau , backtrack, a "windows xp live cd" etc..

nothing works... I'm guessing my files were some how "encrypted" or something, is there any way to retrieve my files? I'm sure they are somewhere...

Luckily for me most of the important files are backed up, (cloud), but I still want to access lots of music and the most important folder of an organized adult computer user.... the Desktop folder..


Thanks in advance.
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  1. You made sure that its not under C:/windows.old/users/*username*

    BTW . WELCOME to toms :D
  2. oh man... I thought Windows.old was just the old c:\windows folder, so now all my files are gone...
    I did a "remove -r \media\disk\Windows.old" in backtrack... I did not even check what was inside first... that command delete almost everything but not the folder itself so I can browse to the folders now but there is nothing left.

    Damn... I thought it was something like "Windows.old\system32" for instance.. but it is not. Its Windows.old\windows\system32.

    Whats inside Windows.old was my whole username files and folders along with the copy of the former c:\Windows folder.

    Is it possible that my files are still there but hidden or encrypted?
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    Try to get folder options and look after the hidden files option , unless you encrypted the files I dont think so . Maybe try some recovery solutions to recover your files
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