LG TV "No Signal" when trying to hook up to my PC

Hey everyone. So I recently bought a new TV as my old one went dud. I have been trying to connect it to my PC via HDMI so I can watch US netflix and play games on the big screen. However when I connect the TV to the PC there is no picture on the TV. The PC "sees" the TV and I can mess about with the resolution and stuff.
It will also connect to every other device easily; Blu ray player, PS3 and my old SD DVD player. I have read the manual several times hoping there is may "PC Mode" button that I have missed or something.

This is what I have tried so far:
- Only having the TV connected to the PC, not monitor and TV
- Trying different HDMI Cables
- Trying different HDMI Slots on the TV
- making the TV the "main display"
- Changing the TV resolution to 1024/720p (via the 'screen resolution' settings on windows)
-turning everything on and off again.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this? I am thinking it could be the HDMI port on my GPU, but the fact that the PC detects the TV and not vice versa makes me think it is something else.

P.S. the exact model of the TV is an LG32LS5600
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  1. Hi, Using an older graphics card?
  2. The television is likely good, as other devises hook up to it.

    What GPU are you using? Are the drivers up to date? Does the GPU support the type of connection you are attempting with the TV? (IE: 1080i, 720i, Don't use progressive scan 1080p, 720p, although supported, little content uses it)

    Your standard DVI resolution is 1080i.
  3. Hello Ronaldspiers,

    Are you connecting the television to the video card or the motherboard? An easy way to tell is the video card runs horizontally on the back of the computer tower, whereas the motherboard runs vertically.

    Double-check where you are connected, as this is fairly common.

    Hope that's helpful!
  4. Yeah the GPU is quite old. its an Nvidia GTS 450, but my old TV managed to hook up to the PC just fine. These past day or so is the first time I have tried with the new TV.
    The TV said to keep the resolution set to 1280x1024 for HDMI connection so i have done that. I will try the latest GPU Drivers.

    But I also just discovered something strange.
    If I go into Nvidia control panel and go to "set up digital audio" and under the HDMI drop down menu select "audio off" instead of selecting the TV. Then the desktop will flash on the tv for less than half a second then go back to "no signal". And does this continuously, however that doesnt happen when the digital audio is set to the TV. It's just a constant "no signal"

    Edit: @ Eric yeah It is connected to the GPU, i have tried connecting the TV to the PC via the Mobo but that didnt work either. probably something to do with that being classed as a VGA connection maybe?
  5. Then I guess that it's about a HDCP handshake issue (but I might be wrong)
    Try borrowing a graphics card from a friend and testing.
  6. OK so i definitely think this is a GPU issue. Unfortunately all my friends are console gamers so no way to get a GPU and test it. (but gonna build a new PC within next few months anyway)

    But now I have a different issue. During my troubleshooting I set the TV as "main display". And all the desktop icons went over to the tv. When I restarted the PC after unplugging the TV all my desktop Icons were off screen except 2 that had overlapped with the normal monitor when I was doing resolution changes.

    So now I have to go to "computer - desktop" to access files and stuff. I cant re-drag them onto the desktop because they are still there, just off screen. Any idea how to fix this?
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    Try to uncheck and then check again show desktop icons.
  8. alexoiu said:
    Try to uncheck and then check again show desktop icons.

    Thanks, that worked a charm!
  9. You're welcome.
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