No sound on one side (integrated soundcard) M5 A97 R2.0

So as I said in title I have this issue. Unfortunately I might know what is the problem but maybe someone will suggest me some solution.

I bought new case and I needed to transfer everything there so I might did some physical damage which would cause this perhaps ? I can hear only buzz noise on right headphone. If I plug in black connector I can set 4 speakers and when I go on "test" I can hear on both but only when Speaker 3 and 4 say beep and it's really low volume.

Windows is fresh since last night, I installed only benchmark softwares and everything was fine until I didnt plug off my PC and start transfering in new case.

Could I really damage my motherboard or I connected something wrong ? Although I did everything as it was in my old case and it's integrated soundcard so I dont know what could I do.
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  1. Check the setting in BIOS if AC'97 or HD.
  2. I didnt found anything in bios related to ac'97 or HD. On onboard options I have realtek lan and that is pretty much everything.

    If I pull my headphones little bit outside I'm getting sound on both sides but it's quite comparing to regular volume.
  3. Are headphones connected to front or back?
  4. Back, although I tried front aswel but I cant make them to work. When I check AC97 Front Panel I have all options and I check Headphones but no signal. If I put HD Front Panel both green and pink are gray.
  5. Just tested microphone with Audacity and works completely fine. So pink plug is fine including blue one for line in. Is there a way to change for example orange plug for my headphones ? I'm able to do that on my old PC with E8400 (not sure which mobo) since green plug broked aswel.
  6. What if you remove the front panel connector from the audio port and test the back ones? Is it the same?
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  8. I just unplugged HD Audio from mobo (front jack from case) but still same. I will look into registry. I'm not using anything other then headphones and microphone. Actually mic is really important to me and that is why I need integrated particulary this soundcard. I do have sound blast or something like that, but my mic doesnt work at same quality as here, for some reason.
  9. Could it be a headphones jack issue?
  10. I'm trying remap with that tutorial from your link, I really appreciate it just to know that is possible. I will reply with my result. Anyways if anyone else stumble on this thread and have some suggestion I would really appreciate it.
  11. Thank you soo much for linking that guide ! Works perfectly fine. I will send my mobo since I bought it in November but for now this will work. Thank you again.
  12. Glad it helped.
  13. One more question, I was always bothered by this but I didnt ask. Why sometimes when I reinstall system my volume is kinda low even on highest possible volume ? I need to turn in enhancement option called "Loudness Equalization" and then volume is accapteble but when I recieve msg on steam and I have "beep" sound or "error beep" its really ugly since volume is boosted and seems like that it's really loud but its not. It's random thing and it was happening on 2 different mobos.
  14. Did it happen even after installing the Realtek driver?
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