PC power button won't boot, mobo standby light is on... front panel is correct...

Bought a M5a99x Evo R2.0 yesterday, and I'm trying to (successfully) install it into my Thermaltake Lvl 10 GT...

As far as I can tell everything is plugged in correctly, the green standby light is on but whenI press the power button nothing happens...

And now a friend has suggested I may have already fried the mobo.

The gpu, psu, and cpu were all working in my old PC, which was a inspiron 570.. any input is better than None at this point.. I'm almost considering going to geek squad......
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  1. Did you hook the internal pc speaker up correctly? Meaning perhaps we are missing the beeps there is any.
  2. If you are talking about the green power led on the motherboard, it relates to good power getting to the board it`s self.
    However it will not exactly tell you if there is a short on the board.

    The culprit can be a miss placed stand off on the board mounting plate of the case.
    Or a stand off left where no screw hole exisits to mount the board causing a short on the back side of the board.

    That would mean taking the board out of the case again, seating the board on cardboard, with the cpu, and cooler mounted and a memory stick in a memory slot of the board.

    If it works it confirms a short, so its a question of checking the mounting holes of the board and checking no extra stand off`s have been fitted on the back plate to cause the short.

    I would double check that the power switch on the header is the right orientation and on the right pins.
    To be honest it may just be a case of moving the PW SW over a pin left or right.
    Also make sure that if the board has a bios reset jumper pin that it is set to bridged and not clear cmos.
    As this will result in nothing happening when pressing the power switch on the tower case.

    So look in the manual and verify the jumper is bridged on the right two pins, for normal operation of the bios.

    Or it will stop a boot of the board, or the system posting.
    In the case of the jumper constantly bridging cmos reset.

    Most boards will not fire up if cmos reset is bridged by the jumper on the motherboard.
    Or the jumper is missing and not bridging the two correct pins for normal operation of the bios.

    There the things I would double check in your case.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I will try everything as soon as I get home, the same friend who suggested the short is going to come over and help out as well.

    I can say this though, as far as I know the standoffs are good. The Lvl 10 GT came with 9 preinstalled standoffs which all line up with the screw holes in the mobo. I have additional standoffs as well, and there are other empty standoff holes in the case but I assume I don't need to fill those in since they wouldn't be getting screwed into.

    This is my first build so I'll apologize ahead of time for any nooby questions or assumptions..

    But I will come back and reply with some pictures and more details if I run into anymore problems. Thanks again!
  4. Oh and I am almost 100% that the front panel pins are correct as well. Will post pictures once my friend and I start to work on it!
  5. And if it helps here's my set up:

    Gpu: GeForce GTX 550ti
    Cpu: AMD phenom ii x4 965 black deneb edition
    Psu: thermaltake tr2 600w

    Ram I pulled from my old inspiron 570
  6. Honestly I had the same problem and I'm glad I didn't go through all this ridiculous troubleshooting.

    If your case has a power/standby button on the front make sure these are connected properly to the motherboard. There are usually 4-5 little 1 or 2 pin connectors that are labeled things like "Power SW", " HDD LED", etc.

    When you turn the power supply on all the green light is stating is that there is a connection. The front button actually boots the computer. This made no sense to me whatsoever but it worked after trying a lot of different things and I haven't had a problem in a week.

    There are labels on the pins but they are very confusing. Look at the manual that came with your motherboard for properly connections and make sure the + and - labels match up with what's marked on the motherboard. Again, it's kind of confusing but it makes sense when you look at it..
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