Resolution: I have a 2560x1440 monitor but I can only display a max of 2048x1152!

I'm running this monitor (Samsung S27B970D) with a gigabyte 780ti with display port cable, but the Geforce Experience program and online webste res checkers tell me I'm only getting 2048x1152. I should be getting 2560x1440p. Please help!
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  1. Online website resolution checkers? Erm, what?

    What does the screen resolution option in windows say? Is the slider bar to the fullest it can go?

    Have you looked in your monitor's menu? There should be a resolution option there, as well.
  2. Windows says I'm at 1440p but this website and nvidia experience (my rig) tell me i'm at 2048x1152.
  3. .....monitor menu says

    88.7 kHz 60Hz

    Optimal Mode
    2560x1440 60Hz
  4. it might very well be that that application breaks above 1080p. I dunno what to tell you about nvidia experience.

    If both your monitor AND windows thinks it's 1440p...

    Try booting up a game, and going to the resolution settings. What's the max you can turn it to?
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    Sure fire way to check your resolution: take a screenshot (of anything) and paste it in Paint. See the resolution of the picture: that's your monitor's resolution.

    And Bob's your uncle!
  6. Did you try this? Right click desktop > Screen Resolution > Advanced Settings > Monitor Tab > Uncheck "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display" > Adapter Tab > List all modes. This is of course if you have Windows 7 or 8.
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