I have the same problem as Daryl23 and I also ran a registry scan but the error keeps popping up? I NEED HELP PLEASE!

RUNDLL error loading
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  1. And what 'problem' was that?
    What error message are you getting? In full, please.
  2. how are we supposed to know what Daryl23 problem is? tell us what YOUR problem is...
  3. My apologies...I have a RUNDLL error loading popping up at my start up of Windows XP. It states C:\DOCUME~1weez\LOCALS~1\Temp\CT3306061\plugins\TBVerifier.dll. I have done a full system and boot scan using avast and a full scan using Malware.
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  5. Thank u USAFRet. I went to the 'microsoft answers' website and was suggested to use CCleaner. It worked and I no longer have the RUNDLL error loading message.
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