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hey guys recently build my first pc, it has a msi gtx 770 and i need a monitor because im using a tv( master-g mgl-ex2200) and its really bad. i got this three option:
AOC E2461fwh ($180)
LG 23EA53VQ-P ($200)
ASUS VX238H-W ($220)
i really can't decide, im coming from an asus laptop x5ms
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  1. The Asus one seems great. You should buy it as it is amazing for gaming.
  2. Are you a competitive gamer or would you prefer better image quality?
  3. im not a competitive gamer but i play a lot, also wich of the first 2 option would be the best because the asus i can only get it from US
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    I would go with the LG monitor because it is an IPS panel, which will have very good viewing angles and better picture quality, and it's only 3 milliseconds slower than the AOC, definitely not a noticeable amount even if you are competitive.
  5. Yes, if you necessarily don't need 1 ms monitor. Then Lg monitor will be enough for you and it also has nice viewing angles as it has an IPS panel. And I think 3 ms will be also more than enough for you.
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