Windows 8.1 support on older Gigabyte motherboard (2010)

Got a Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H from 2010 and I notice the latest chipset drivers are from october 2012 and are for windows 8, not 8.1. Wondering what I should do? Install those drivers for windows 8 or just use what windows automatically installs?
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    It'll work, windows 8.1 is just an updated version from windows 8 so there shouldn't be a problem there. You can install windows 8 then update it to 8.1, either way it'll work fine.
  2. For a fresh install you will need to download the W8 achi drivers from AMD and put them on a pen drive/dvd, as you may need to load these for W8/W81 to see your HDD.

    For a W8 -. W81 upgrade, go with what Microsoft provide, with the exception being GPU drivers.
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