USB 3.0 external HDD vs. internal 7200 RPM drive for movies/games?

Hey guys,

For the past three years I've used two seperate 1 TB 7200 RPM drives for storing games. I got one to about 70% capacity and started using the other, which had until the other day 750 gb of storage left. Now, it has around 500.

That reason being that I've been ripping my blu ray movies with a newly acquired BR drive, making backups, and then encoding them into mkv files with Handbrake. I want to do this for a library of what is currently only 11 or 12 movies, but one that will expand significantly over the coming year. I don't think I have enough space on my one remaining HDD for all these movies and a few more games.

So, I wanted to get a 2 TB HDD dedicated for the movies. I wasn't sure whether to get an external drive that can sit on my desk, or just pop an internal one in to replace the 1TB drive. The Seagate External 2 TB Drive is significantly less expensive than this 3TB Seagate internal HDD. My question is: will the external drive be fast enough to play my large movie files (usually around 25 gb in size), or should I go with the internal, 7200 rpm drive?

I've done basic googling to see comparisons, but my searches have come up short.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. If it's any help, statistically internal hard drives are much less prone to failure than external ones.
    External ones have a PCB attached called a bridge-chip which handles the SATA-to-USB conversion.
    This chip often fails, rendering the drive inaccessible.

    Internal hard drives do not have a bridge-chip since no data interface conversion is required.
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