Best graphic card?

I want the best possible gpu i can get under $150 what would you guys suggest? I would prefer if it was an AMD gpu but I'm open to anything.
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    what was it going to be used for, most of the time it's gaming which I am assuming yours is for that. I tend not to be too biased on Nvidia and AMD as both are good providers. Nvidia tend to have better game support and drivers whilst AMD tend to have better prices on their GPU's. A ATI 7790 or a GTX 650 Ti would be my top pick for under $150 and are decent performers for the price, from those two I would go for the 7790 as it's performance edges it slightly and can be found for roughly the same price. Just need to make sure your PSU is at least 400- 450 watts so you have headroom for the cards in case of overclocking later and PSU efficiency.
  2. I would go with this card. Its right on the money at $150.
  3. 7850 $148 +shipping would be your best bet. It is like $153 with shipping. Ah nevermind it was out of stock as well, if you can find one in stock at roughly that $150 it is a good deal and the best you can get. If not then i would recommend trying to grab another $30-40 and get a R9 270. It would give you good performance for 1080p. Otherwise you are pretty much stuck with R9 260X or 7790.
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