How many watt of psu should i get

I going to build a pc but i dunno how many watt i need in my power supply.

AMD FX 4350 4.3GHz
Radeon R9 270x
MSI AMD 970A-G43 Motherboard
4GB DDR3 ram
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  1. 500-550w will be enough, make sure its rates 80+bronze at the very least.
  2. You would need at least a quality 600 watt psu. I think Corsair's HX 650 or Seasonic X-series 650 watt PSU would do the job.
  3. the R9 270x use ~240W under load and the rest don't use much, so a 550W will be enough
  4. Keeping in mind for future upgrades Corsair's HX 650 or Seasonic X-series 650 watt PSU are the best deals. Both Seasonic and Corsair make excellent quality psu.
  5. I would go for 600-750 watts of power for your PSU. 600 being the minimum, but if you're still unsure you can go check some calculators around the net like this one Hope this helps. :)
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    To clarify things here for you, 80+ ratings are measurements of efficiency not quality. The Corsair HX and SeaSonic X are high end PSU's (both made by SeaSonic based on the same platform), the quality of DC output is about the best but... is it needed here? I'd think you would be fine running a Corsair CX 500M (if not considering X-fire for the future) or, if considering X-Fire, possibly the CX 750M. The CX models are Corsair's "builder" series PSU's and represent a good value for quite a bit less than the HX or X PSU's
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