Intel AC7260 WLAN setup issues

I have an Asus NV56VM laptop running Win 7 64 bit which came with an Atheros WLAN card as standard.
I experienced the frequent dropping or 'limited service' issues which appear to be common with this WLAN card.
At the suggestion of several forum contributors, I have acquired an Intel AC 7260 to replace the Atheros card.
Having installed the card and downloaded the latest drivers from the Intel site, I am having trouble getting the new card to work on my network.
The Bluetooth works fine but although the WLAN icon shows lots of bars, the network connection map can't see any networks to connect to.
Does this sound like a WiFi driver issue or a settings on the laptop issue?
Thanks for any practical suggestions.
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  1. I've seen the "no networks" problem a few times on my wife's laptop when I've had to set up a new wireless connection on it (eg after buying a new router or changing the wireless passphrase).

    All I had to do was restart her laptop and the full list of available networks appeared. One time I had to change the router's wireless channel from "Auto" to a fixed, high number to get the network list populated.

    So there's two things you might want to try.
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