Some questions about upgrading to an SSD drive for MacBook Pro

Hi All,

I have just bought a Samsung 840 Evo Basic for my 2011 13" MacBook Pro and I am getting some very mixed information about setting up the drive from different places. I was hoping this forum might be able to provide some more definitive information.

Thanks in advance.

My questions are:

1) Is it still necessarry to enable TRIM on modern drives like the 840 EVO? I was originally told it was crucial to use something like "Trim Enabler" to enable it but now I see on many forums that people claim enabling TRIM is no longer required as the drives just look after themselves.

2) Do I need to carry out a firmware update on the SSD when I first install on? And if so how is this done?

3) Will I need any sort of adapter/drive bay for my SSD if I am replacing the HDD from my MacBook with it? Some forums are saying it isn't required and others are saying it is...

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  1. 1) I would still enable TRIM no matter what. Just helps prolong the life of the Drive.

    2) I would update the firmware first as well just because i know in the days of the 840 Pro people with macs had a lot of issues and though they drives were bad when all they needed was a firmware update

    3) If you are just doing a direct swap and then reinstalling OSX then no. If you want to Clone your existing hard drive to this new SSD then you do need a SATA to USB adapter or if you have an eSATA port a SATA to eSATA Adapter but then you still need some kind of external power for that where as most SATA to USB adapters just get power for the USB. Then use the software with the SSD to clone your existing hard drive. but the connection in the laptop it self is the same.
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