gta 4 best graphic card

tell me the best graphic card that can run gta4 very good and high setting suggest me pls

my pc specs is intel core 2 duo 2.10 ghz 1 gb ram
no graphic card suggest me pls
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  1. Rahul bhai budget to bato.
  2. gta4 is about the worst ported game ever.
    sorry but if you buy something that can max out gta4, your cpu will be a huge bottleneck. 2.10ghz is too low
  3. AlexSmith96 said:
    Rahul bhai budget to bato.

    Kindly don't use any language other than ENGLISH. Let all people answer this. Your reply in foreign language is confusing them. So ENGLISH PLEASE :)
  4. Budget?
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    I know from my own system that a GTX660 can run the game at over 60fps constantly with ease. So I would say anything from a 650ti on up will be great for that game. But I would get a 660 or a 760 at least so you will be able to play GTA5 when it comes out on PC.
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