Windows Activation CMOS Battery?

Windows obviously times you on how long you are using the trial or evaluation of a operating system. but what would happen if you took the CMOS Battery from the motherboard or put in a dead one?

I thought this because it would be useful to know how to keep a trial active for a bit longer.

Note: There would be no internet connection as it would be in a test environment.

I just thought it was interesting as I can't find anything about it on Google.
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    i show this in corp it class on how to lock yourself out of a pc in 30 sec. when you boot the os reads your cmos info and puts it into a file and counts down till the date windows will expire. when you roll back the date that little program and file go gotcha and lock you out of your pc. even if you put the date back you be screwed. you have to reinstall windows and you may lose all of your data on the pc. if your low on cash your better off looking to see if yur school in the windows edu program or look to ebay for oem copy of windows.
  2. If there is no CMOS battery or if the battery is detected dead, your system time will be shifted to its default(depends when manufactured). It also may set your BIOS settings to default.
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