Will a Nvidia GTX 650Ti BOOST run properly on a 500W VIP GOLD PSU?

i have an Intel I3 2100 3.1Ghz and DH61ww mobo
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  1. depends. the gold means 80+ gold certified or a marketing name of the psu? if it's a certified psu yes all good. if it's a no name branded with gold in the name to attract buyers i would say to get it upgraded too. it will probably work too but i would be worried.
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    VIP is a noname company (vip=very inferior products) and gold has nothing to do with 80+ (which would be great)
    Nvidia recommends a 450watt PSU, and those recommendations usually think you have a crappy PSU. As long as your golden PSU has 24amps on the 12v rail you'll be fine!
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