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Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask you guys if it's possible to do Win 8 upgrade from Win7 (not clean install) to another drive than where the Win7 is now. I mean like the Windows.old folder will stay on the C: drive but the new OS Win8 will be installed to, for example E: drive. It's because I don't want to lose drivers and stuff, which I'll still lose, won't I? The drivers at least.

And what are your thoughts about upgrading from Win7 to Win 8.1 Pro? I just bought SSD Drive Samsung 840 Pro so I really want to clean my OS so it has the best speed it can get and thought about upgrading OS too because the new DirectX 11.2 is Win8 exclusive for example and it seems other things will be the same in the future. Win 8.2 is around the corner too with it's normal start button (finally!) so UI is not a problem. Also I like new things, so I'm kinda excited to try and experience new look and stuff.

As you can see, this is my desktop PC Gaming rig but I'm also doing some Photoshop, recording, video editing stuff.

Intel Core i5 4670K - Corsair H90 WC
GTX 670
Kingston HyperX 8GB RAM

Thanks a lot for answers!
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    Saving drivers wouldn't help for the most part. Drivers for Win 7 are going to be incompatible with Win 8. You can upgrade as far as I know, and all of the old files will go to the windows.old folder afterward.
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