Building a pc for max. INRs.20,000. Suggestions for psu, ram, gpu for a good gaming rig.

I am building a pc for a max. of INRs.20,000. This is the pc configuration.

Mobo - Asus p8h61-m lx3 r2.0 (already own)
Processor - Pentium G2020 (3rd gen)
HDD - Seagate 500gb or 1tb
RAM - Transcend 8gb (1333 or 1600mhz)
PSU - 450w maybe
GPU - something below 6.5k

These are my queries:
1. Will the mobo create issues with 1tb hdd.
2. The transcend 8gb is not mentioned in the asus qualified vendors list. Is it compatible with mobo and should i got for 1333 or 1600mhz.
3. I heard the hd 7750 and 6670 is good for the price. What about gt 640 or gt 630. Also suggest ddr3 or ddr5. Should i go for more than 1gb gddr memory. Do these gpu use more than 1gb as i heard mid range gpus dont use more than 1gb.
4. Should i get a new psu like a corsair vs450w or can i stick with a generic one as i heard gpu like 7750 can run on a generic psu.
5. And what is the psu power required for full rig set-up.
6. Finally is this a good stable and efficient pc set-up for the price. And is there better?

I plan to play games like far cry 3 and dead space 3, med settings is fine but not low.

Ps: Please provide only legitimate answers. If you don't know anything 100% do not answers. It would be a pain to buy something and not be compatible.
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  1. I'm from India (Mumbai) and I can say that your best option would be to visit a local computer shop (One who retails PCs) and tell them what you have and what you need. They will make you a config and will tell you which is best with regards to the Indian conditions (Taxes and climate). The budget for the GPU is kind of low and I feel at least 8k (A GTX650) should be give. I would go for a 1TB as there's barely a 1200 Rupees gap between them (500GB and 1TB). It's always good going for a branded PSU which is 80+ certified. Happy to help :)
  2. 1. No you will be fine with 1TB drive.

    2. You can use any RAM with any MB. So Transcend can be used with your MB, no worries. Those are marketing strategies. The CPU of yours only supports 1333MHz RAM, so no matter what frequency you get (1600/1866) your CPU/MB will clock it down to 1333MHz. So stay with 1333MHz.

    3. HD 7750 will be the better choice over GT 640 or 630, and always choose GDDR5 RAM for GPU, GDDR3 is slow and kind of obsolete now. 1GB of VRAM will be enough for you.

    4. VS 450 is not a trusted unit and not even 80 plus certified, so don't buy it. Try XFX 550W Pro PSU if you find it, else go with CX 500 of Corsair, a budget unit so not the best one out there but will do for you. Don't buy any local made PSU(generic). HD 7750 will only require max 75W on full load, so a decent 450W PSU will be enough for you. Corsair's CX 430 is a decent unit, find it. I would choose it over CX 500.

    5. As I said earlier a 450W decent PSU will be enough for your setup.

    6. Yes that is somewhat good setup, but you deserve better, you may find some better parts with your budget.

    You can play games on mid settings with HD 7750 and with your entire setup. Don't worry.

    And don't be so rude on us, I think no one will mislead you here. Good luck.
  3. Sorry if u thought i was being rude. I have seen people post wrong information before, so just being upfront.

    So by meaning games i hope u mean like far cry 3. If i were to go for a better gpu, what is a good one that wouldn't be bottlenecked by the cpu? And is it possible to play the same games with something lower than hd 7750? Just trying to know the range of gpu that will do good.

    Also i have seen a few tests which indicate the 6670 is slightly faster than 7750 and only marginally consumes more power. the gt 630 and 640 have been almost same as the 7750 in performance (but takes more power) but they cost 1k less than the 7750 on several online platforms. Is 1k worth it?

    I'll visit a computer shop, but before that i need to know the pc in detail so it would be easier to get it done.
  4. Even a GTX 770 will not be bottlenecked by your CPU. I would suggest you HD 7750 for lower end GPU's, no other (6670, GT640) will perform better on this level. GT 640 uses DDR3 VRAM, which I said you earlier and the performance will be worse in real life situation, and not in benchmarks.

    I think a i3 of 4th generation will be better CPU.
  5. Just a few more queries:
    1. I've come across somewhere don't know where that in order to use a 3rd gen ivy bridge processor on this mobo, u need to do a bios update. Is it true? If so should i update with 2nd gen processor or can i do it with the 2020 itself?
    2. What is the integrated graphics version in the G2020? Is there a significant difference in performance between the integ graph and the hd 7750? If not, is it worth getting it and am i better off getting a better gpu than 7750 like the gtx 650. Or is the 7750 a good gpu for the price and has a significant difference between the integ graph?
    3. Just out of curiosity, I would like to know whether generic gpu is 100% not recommended even if i don't put on a gpu. I'm asking this since i've been using one without any problems in an old pc for the last 16yrs.
    4. Another curious question, is the AMD Athlon II X4 740 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor much better than the G2020? I know the mobo doesn't support it (i think) but being a quad core is it better?
    5. Whichever gpu you suggest in this range, is a 2gb ddr5 better than 1gb ddr5? For like the hd 7750 or even the gtx 650 as an example.
    6. Finally, feel free to give me any other better combination or components you might know for this entire price range but stick with the G2020 since i'm not willing to pay more than double for an i3 unless there's one that costs lower.
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