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I am a gamer in need of a better connection to my internet. Right now my rig is set up 3 walls away from my router, and don't let three walls fool you, its a decent distance away. At the moment I am wireless with a 5-8 year old D-Link usb adapter plugged into a usb extension that it came with, just to get it that much closer to my router. A few months ago I bought an N900PCE, long story short, it did not work so its sitting on my desk.

I have been looking lately at powerline adapters but I have read that with old wiring the powerline kits can be worse than wireless. My house is lets say 60 years old. I really need input and help on which route I should go because I am stuck at a fork in the road with all of the knowledge I have learned about the two technologies.

I am looking for the best possible way to connect to my internet, via wireless or powerline adapters. My router is a D-Link DIR-825 Extreme-N Dual-Band. Please someone help!
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    Not sure you have a lot of option other than to try the powerline units and see if they will work for you. If they do work they tend to be more stable than wireless.

    Their is not a "better" router than you have that will somehow magically make wireless work well in your house. Because of government regulations there is not a real lot of difference between routers when it comes to their ability to penetrate walls.
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    The current generation of powerline adapters work in 2 and 3 phase systems and work over both your hot and neutral power lines.

    Get the giagbit port, 500mbps powerline adapters and those should work better then wireless can.

    My internet is at < 100mbps am I going to notice a huge difference between the 200mb powerline adapter vs the 500mb powerline adapter?
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