How do I connect a router to DSL Modem & have a static IP?

I need the DSL Modem to be in a passthrough mode so the ASUS router has a static ip address so I can access the FTP feature on the ASUS router but the DSL router is assigning the router an address of 192.168.x.x.

How do I connect a Asus Rt-N16 to as Motorola DSL Modem and have a static IP ( address on the Asus Router?

I am on Uverse DSL internet.

Basically the connection is:

Wall Jack---(Into WAN)----->Motorola DSL Router----(From DSL/LAN1 to ASUS/WAN)--->ASUS
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  1. Additional information is the Motorola NVG589 and it is set to Passthrough mode, yet it still is assigning the ASUS router a IP address of 192.168.x.x I need the ASUS router to have the address of
  2. A router by default handles what is called DHCP so when it is setup it will have its own IP of, is the normal default for most routers, and then it will assign IPs to the systems attached to it. It is not the modem assigning it as the router handles the communication from each device to the modem on that single IP.

    You can go in and change the IP for DHCP handout in the routers firmware but it cannot be the same as the modem as it will cause a conflict which means no internet service.

    When you go out to the internet on any device it will show as the single IP you are assigned by your ISP, not the one given by the router as that is all an internal network setup.

    Unless you are on a business circuit or pay extra for it, most residential IPs are not static but rather dynamic IP leases.
  3. Thanks Jimmy for the help! I think I understand. But at my house (The issue at hand is at my parents house) I have a cable modem that is connected to the ASUS router and never have issues. Almost the exact same setup, just not using the DSL router. I ftp into my router and access the usb HDD with no problem. Even after restarts and months going by I don't have any issues with my IP address changing.

    But since the ASUS router at my parents house is being assigned a I can't FTP into it to access the USB HDD.

    Is there anyway to setup the FTP into the ASUS router through the DSL modem at my parents house?

    This is the router :
    This is feature I'm trying to access: AiDisk is your personal FTP server that you can access anywhere you have the Internet

    Thanks for any continued help with this issue!
  4. One thought.... Can I turn the ASUS router into a Access Point and still use the FTP feature?
  5. It sounds like you have a combo DSL modem/router. If so, you may be able to disable the routing features in it and use it as a modem only. Download the manual for the motorola modem and see if it's possible.
  6. I've disabled the Wireless feature on the DSL router. Is there more to it than that?
  7. You will need to log into the DSL modem which should be the, check the manual or find the model number and google it.

    See if there is an option to turn off DHCP being done by the DSL router/modem..

    I can help you look if you can provide the model number of the DSL modem.
  8. The DSL Routers is a Motorola NVG589

    So the DHCP needs to but turned off on the DSL Router and not the ASUS router?

    I really appreciate your help!
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    This site seems to have some good info and looks like the guy is doing the same thing you want to do but he is using a RT-N66u (bit newer but probably similar firmware):

    It looks like your default IP is for the Motorola.

    And yes you want the Asus to handle DHCP and for the Motorola to pass the IP through to the Asus. This is because the way the Asus AiDisk works is it allows for RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to be enabled on the IP that is given to you from your ISP to the router directly, its much like enabling RDP in Windows so you can RDP from one system into yours via your IP. It uses a secure encryption on the channel, SSL, and needs a UN/PW to work.

    If the Asus router is not handling the I and then handing out DHCP, then it can't work as all it knows is it is a "switch" being told what IP it is on a network.

    In essence you want the Motorola to act as a pass through and the Asus to handle DHCP.

    This would be easier if you had a modem only and the Asus was the only router and that is probably why your parents home setup works properly is because the Asus is the only router.
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