HELP!!! i need am3+ motherboard to fit 5 gpu's

hi, i need a am3+ motherboard that can also fit 5 r9 280x but i cant seem to find any. could someone point me in the right direction, thanks in advance.
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    There is no such beast. Those are double-slot cards, so you'd need ten slot-widths. has six PCIe slots, but they aren't double-spaced.
    If you're building a LTC miner, the best you're likely to do is 3; even the 4-slot boards can only take three double-slot cards.
  2. they don't have to be double spaced. the miners use risers or extention cables and just leave the cards flopping every which way.

    granted its not the best idea, but then neither is mining or a lot of other things people do. but it is possible. and that board is designed to run 4 double slot cards without them you just need a case with an extra PCI bracket
  3. i just need 3 at the moment but i would like to have 5 r9 280x in the future so i would need to use the board you recommended(it a bit too much for me to spend on motherboard) and risers to have 5 r9 280x's ? also do you have any other cheaper boards that can fit 3 r9 280x's but can also fit 5 of them with risers?
  4. yh i am mining but i want to use the computer for editing and gaming but i want it in a case for the mean while when i have 3 r9 280x's but when i upgrade to 5 r9 280x's i would have to get a open air case and the two additional gpu's connected with risers. so do you recommend any cheap motherboards that alow me to do so because the motherboard recommended above is to expensive.
  5. You'll still need five slots. has five slots, but isn't much cheaper, at $175.
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