Graphic card for ASROCK G41c-s mother board

Please can i install a DDR3 graphic card on my PC which has the following spec.
Motherboard: ASROCK G41c-s, It has PCIe x16 slot and PCIe x1 slot, support DDR2, DDR3 RAM, 2GB DDR2 RAM installed.
CPU: INTEL, CELERON, 3.06 GHz, FSB= 4x133MHz
P.S Unit: 200 Watt.
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    As long as your PSU will run it, Yes
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    As long as your PSU will run it, Yes

    Tradesman1 !!! Thank you very much, It worked fine:bounce, I install (NVIDIA, GEFORCE, GT610, 2GB, 64bit, DDR3), it worked fine with same system i mentioned.
  3. Great, have some fun now ;)
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