My new M51AC ASUS can't connect with VGA?

I have connected the computer with my TV with HDMI, but when i bought a screen to the cpu without HDMI today it will not connect with VGA... the screen just says "VGA NO SIGNAL". Help please!!!
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    Need more information to help out hannes.
  2. ok what do you want to know?
  3. I'm new here and want to get this forum unsolved, how?
  4. What is your mobo/cpu. Do you have a discrete graphics card? Are you plugging the VGA cable straight through to the monitor or are you using a adapter?
  5. the computer is an ASUS M51AC and got the geforce 760 graphics card. Yes the VGA cable goes straight to the screen.
  6. The 760s I know of only have DVI, HDMI and Display port connections. So you have to be using a adapter to go from DVI to VGA, and you need to use the DVI port on your video card that supports DVI to VGA.
  7. I have the DVI ports, but when i connect them with a single cable the screen still tells me "VGA NO SIGNAL", i can't find any button or so to switch to dvi, how do i make it work?
  8. So you are connecting your video card to the monitor using a DVI cable? What monitor are you using?
  9. ASUS VE228TR, there is only one DVI port and it's at the back of the computer(i'm not a pro). i've put the cable there and then into the only dvi port at my monitor.
  10. ok thanks i've got it:)
  11. Bring up the OSD by hitting the third button from the left and select your source from there. That is going off the T manual.
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