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Hey Interwebz,
Here is the problem. I have 16gb of g skill ripjaws x ram ddr3 1866. When ever I open MSI Command Center, its says that the frequency is at 1333mhz. Here is a link to a picture ----->
Please help
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  1. go into the bios and change it there.
    restart the computer and start mashing the DEL key, or f8-f2-f10 depends on your mobo's manufacturer, you can google the correct key easily, assuming the POST screen doesnt tell you what button to press.
  2. Enable XMP profile in the BIOS. 1333MHz is the JEDEC standard to all memory modules, even if you buy a 2400 or 3000mhz
  3. You need to go in the BIOS and change the frequency manually.
    However, listen to this advice.
    you'd be surprised to know that RAM frequency does not matter much in gaming.
    See this video link :
    In this video Linus Sebastian (most reputed techie on youtube) benchmarks and explains how even 2400 MHz RAM cannot show a noticeable difference in gaming FPS.
  4. Go into the BIOS and enable the XMP profile that should appear for your RAM. By default, DDR3 operates at standard frequency. They make it easy these days - your RAM includes an XMP profile that tells the motherboard what settings to use to make it run at its rated frequency and timings. So enable the XMP profile, and your RAM should run at rated specs.
  5. maybe it will work only whem xmp (extreme memory profle)enabled. on bios it will say the xmp speed and timings. i guess you will have to enable it manualy.

    motherboard and memory product names?
  6. Could someone please make a video or link a video that has been made already because I don't want to do something bad. Im more of a computer parts recommendation and stuff. I really don't know much about bios
  7. The motherboard is a MSI-G45 and the ram is G Skill Ripjaws X 16gb DDR3 1866
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    You can follow along in your motherboard manual, but here is what you do:

    1) Boot up system and press the "delete" key repeatedly until the BIOS loads.
    2) From the main BIOS menu click the "OC" button.
    3) Scroll down to the "Extreme Memory Profile (XMP)" setting
    4) Change the XMP setting to "Profile 1" (there may be multiple profiles, use the one that matches your RAM's stated frequency and timings)
    5) Save settings and exit BIOS
    6) Check frequency and timings using CPU-z or other software

    I think that should be it, I don't have your specific BIOS, but got that from your manual.

    not much of a difference on your z87
  10. Thank you to all of you. I did it and know my ram runs at 1866 mhz. Thanks a lot
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