Can i use Gigabyte Radeon HD 5750 Silent Cell 1GB GDDR5 in my settup ?

Hello,i have recently gotten a used graphics card from a friend,the Gigabyte Radeon HD 5750 Silent Cell 1GB GDDR5 PCIe.But when i putt it in i get no image,the light on the monitor is blinking,letting me know there is signal ,but there is no image.
My setup is -
Motherboard :
Processor : AMD single core moddel unknown 2.2ghz
Power supply - Cheap 500 W
Also i have no cables inserted in the slot with 6 ''squares'' on graphics card ,like on this picture (i think that might be PCI cable ,do i need to get one for my card to work )
Any help would be greatly appreciated,thanks,
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  1. You will need to power the card with the 6 pin for display. It is power from the PSU.
  2. The card should work with the motherboard. But you'll definitely need to plug in a 6-pin PCIe power cable to power the graphics card. Look at your 500w PSU, does it have a 6-pin PCIe power connector? If not, you will need an adapter. Many older graphics cards like yours come with a 4-pin molex to 6-pin PCIe power cable. Is it in the box or can you ask your friend if he has one? The cheap 500w will probably be adequate, but you have to get power to card for it to work. Either way, a single core CPU is only going to be good for older games.
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    Well you do need to fill that power connector. the gpu will NOT work without that being filled. Typically you can get a molex to 6 pin pci adapter (google molex for picture, and google 6 pin pci power). the connector will have two molex plugs going into a single 6 pin male plug that will plug into the gpu. If your psu is so old it doesnt even have molex, then it has sata power connectors, which do not have an adapter straight to pci 6 pin

    if you only have sata power, then you will need sata to molex adapters, then you will plug those molex into the molex to pci adapter, then plug that into your gpu. It will be a mess, but this is what you will have to do to power this card,
    OR you can buy a supplementary power supply to plug straight into your gpu that is a complete separate entity from the rest of your system

    other than power connector adapting, your system is fully compatible with the gpu you got from your friend
  4. Thanks,il get on finding that cable !
  5. they are pretty cheap, and easy to find online :) cheers
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