When it comes to buying a GPU for gaming PC, are there specific month(s) in the year that generally is cheaper to buy?

I read on a site that says that July is a good time to buy graphics card because that's when newer models roll out so companies will lower the price of the older graphics card...

Is that true?
I'm sorta new to this field so I would like you guys experience.

(I'm not looking for ordinary back-to-school special that only offers details on computer for everyday stuff...i'm looking for components that can handle gaming such as BF4 or Bioshock Infinite)
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  1. i find that any hour of any given day depending on the site. if you want to buy, and you constantly look, and you know what card you want, buy it at a good price when you see it. you can wait for doomsday and it may never come.
  2. It is usually the month after you make your purchase. =)

    The best advice is to go after the best bang for the buck in my experience since you will likely be upgrading said GPU in 18-24 months anyway. Chasing the SLI/xfire dream has never been cost effective for my budget.
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    Typically that's true, yes. As soon as a line of graphics cards becomes "not new," their price starts dropping. After they become rarer, the price will rise a LOT because of people wanting to buy a second one for SLI or Crossfire, and then they'll become hard to find.

    If you want to buy one of the new cards, wait a few months after they're released for the other company to fire shots across the bow. For example, when AMD released the R9 290, the price of Nvidia's GTX 780 dropped like a stone by about $150 in order to retain an edge in price/performance.
  4. It is upgrade time for me right now. I can either source another EVGA 560Ti for about $100-$120 bucks for SLI & miss out on the new architecture's eye candies... or just get a GTX 760 for about $200-220 that will surely give me another 18-24 months of bliss.
  5. the month or two right after you purchase your gpu lol

    generally november 20th to january 1st

    but anytime after a new architecture is released.
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