Best Cheap Gaming Mouse and Keyboard. (Less than $15)

I was wondering what is the best gaming mouse and keyboard for me that is cheap. It must be under $15. The current mouse I have selected is a wireless Cobra Horizon (but i am open to change). What I am looking for is a reliable mouse, (preferably with cool looking blue lights), and cheap gaming. And the keyboard I have selected is just a plain GearHead keyboard. I will accept combos and both wireless and wired. If there are no gaming keyboard under $15 dollars then please just recommend the best i could use for gaming. And i will accept bundles. Backlit/blue keyboards are not necessary, but are gladly accepted. Thanks!

EDIT: As with the keyboard, you can also recommend a non-gaming mouse too if it would be bettered catered to my needs.
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  2. If you want A gaming mouse you'll have to be willing to pay a decent amount, for keyboards same. I use A Razer DeathAdder and A Razer DeathStalker, Both very good but expensive. You'll have to pay at LEAST 35$ for a decent keyboard.
  3. Impossible to get both for 15 dollars impossible even with the worst keyboard and mouse you gonna find

    For a good keyboard and mouse your budget gotta be atleast 50 dollars

    These are very cheap but look expensive and are decent

    Mouse 1
    Mouse 2
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