How to make custom pc case ports?

Hello all :)

I'm making a custom PC in an old console (Atari 2600), and am struggling on how to make neat and clean looking ports for the HDMI, USB, and Ethernet wires to connect to. I think if I just cut holes in the console and stick the wires into them, it will look pretty ugly.

Here's what I want to avoid:

Here's what I want to emulate:

Is there a place to buy those "port borders" in the second link. I have no idea even what to call them.

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  1. Both are pretty shoddy really. The second picture used three different methods, including some automotive/industrial AMP connector shells, dremel, and modified banana plug receptacles. You can also buy a lot of prefab parts that eliminate human error by being wider then the holes you bolt them on to.

    Here is what I use generally when making custom devices.
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