what drivers for new PC?

I've just ordered all my parts and saw a tone of videos on how to make a computer, install windows
8, etc. but am a bit confused on what drivers I need to download.
My build:
CPU: fx 6300
GPU: gtx 760
motherboard: M5A97 R 2.0
case: zalman Z5 plus
ram: corsair vengeance 8gb (2x4gb)
power supply: corsair CX 600
HDD: WD blue 1TB
CPU cooler: CNPS 8900
OS: windows 8 pro
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  1. Once you install windows 8 it will pretty much grab all the drivers you need except you will need drivers for the GT 760 which will come with the card, and then if you wanted you could update the bios for the mother board, but that is optional. Other than that you will be off to the races, enjoy the new computer!
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    I'd load the mobo drivers... u may not get internet until u load the lan adapter driver for the mobo. Then the latest video drivers from the company site.
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