Powering GPU with 2 pci-e 6+2pin connectors

Hi, I have bouth new gpu and it requers 8pin & 6pin power connector, my PSU dosint have one, but it has four 6+2pin pci-e connectors. So my question is: Can I use one 6+2pin pci-e as 8pin and another same as 6pin leaving 2pin plus not connected ?
Or I just have to use the included connector with molex adapter ?
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  1. 6+2 connectors are considered 8 pin. They manufacture it as 6+2 so that you have the ability to accomodate a GPU that requires either a 6 or 8 pin, or multiple connections.
  2. The whole point of 6+2 pin connectors is for cards like that, your PSU has the capability to support 4 8 pin connectors, but an 8 pin won't fit into a 6 pin connector so they have to give you some 6 pins, but how many? With the 6+2 pin connector this isn't an issue, since all four of your connectors are both 6 pin and 8 pin connectors.
  3. My question was more aimed at: Can I use 2 separate pci-e cables with 6+2pin connectors to connect 1 GPU, I mean two cables are comming from PSU to GPU ?
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    Yes you can. Each connector should have it's own cable connecting from the PSU to the GPU.

    For instance, my 780s require one 8 pin and one 6 pin connector.

    So I have two cables running to each card, one 8 pin connected, and one 6 pin connected with a 2 pin dangling from the side.
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