H60 CPU cooler problem

Around a week ago I encountered a problem with my H60, It sounds like a old hard drive, the sound is unbearable; its really loud.

So, I took it out and started to shake it and in a way it reduced the sound by a lot, but still had the noise. Today I played a game and it was lagging, and it sounded extremely loud. I take a look at the temperatures and there fine but it's getting 12-24 watts which is what I suspect is causing the noise.

If I tilt my PC to the site the noise stops.
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  1. Sounds (literally) like a mechanical failure somewhere in the cooler.
    If it was my CPU cooler, I would start researching a replacement in case it fails completely.
  2. That sounds like an issue with a pump, return it, RMA it, get it fixed by the warranty, or if none of those are possible, dump it in the trash, you don't want your computer getting destroyed.
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